Black Belt Camp 2011 a Success

June 22, 2011

Region 6’s Annual Black Belt camp June 3-5 in Booneville, MS was a challenging, but memorable experience for the 13 members of SKC who attended. Cho Dan Bo (Black Belt candidates) Michele Lewis, Vicki Polk and Aaron Bond enjoyed excellent instruction from the guest master instructors in the region and are looking forward to their upcoming Black Belt test in September. Black belts Brenda Askew, Samuel Bond, Jeremy Johnston, Micah Lewis, Joey Polk, Lauren Pursley, Becky Starke, Sue Starke and Adrienne Tucker trained in advanced techniques of weapons, self-defense and the art of inner “hyungs” (forms) under the instruction of special guest Master Jeff Green of Great Britain Tang Soo Do, Wales, UK. All in all, a great time was had by all. Tang SOO!